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Kalamitsi Arts Group, whose aim is to present cultural events in western Crete, is organised by Francesca and Phil Harrison. They are both artists - she a painter, he a musician - and they draw on their own past experiences and the fellow artists whom they have befriended over time to deliver a programme which sometimes has a very local focus but equally can be very international. All their events are advertised on their two mailing lists: a public one and one which is for 'Friends of K.A.G.' only (see 'K.A.G. Friends' page for details).

Lefka Oroi.jpg

Summer 2024 is getting under way with concerts, exhibitions, trips, talks, films and food & drink events. Some of these are open only to 'Friends of K.A.G.', and some to everyone. If you are on either of our mailing lists you will receive advance notice of everything.

Concerts • Exhibitions & Open Studios

Workshops • Film Nights • Talks • Poetry Readings

Themed Day Trips • Arts and Crafts Fairs • Treasure Hunts

It's more than fun, it's fundamental...

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