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Grete Allworthy
Jonathan Allworthy
Elizabeth Andrew
Roger Collins
Anna Annaars
Frans Annaars

Anonymous (by request)

Anonymous (by request)

Liz Arbuthnott

Keith Arbuthnott

Keith Baker
Karen Franklin
Hazel Bamber    
Cheryl Hamer
Peter Barker
Sally Barker

Beatrice Bartlett

Ursula Baumert

Ulrich Schaeffer
John Bayley
Patti Bayley
Sally Bennett
Clive Bray
Marianne Bergen
Daniel Petersen
Derek Biddle
Joanne Biddle
Ian Brothwood
Katharine Brothwood    
Carolyn Brown
Bob Burlumi
Liz Burlumi
Pam Carey
Sue Abdy-Jeynes
Joan Carson

Richard Christoulakis
Katherine Clune
James Clune
Vera Collins
Ingeborg Hametner
Charles Cooper
Amanda Cooper
Kate Cooper
Roy Cooper

Julia Davies

John Day

Nora Dransfield

Jim Dransfield

Pamela Dunn

Geoff Dunn

Chrissie Eleftheriades

Tove Johanna Fagertun

Svein Roald Kristiansen

Jeannie Ferguson

John Flawith

Yasmin Pakbin

Caroline Fry

Carl Fry

Charmaine Fueggle

Dave Fueggle

Jenny Gibbons

Bob Gibbons

Jane Harrow

Richard Harrow

Sandy Hayden

Martin Hayden

Dimitra Hengen

Rosemary Heyhoe

Richard Heyhoe

Lesley Jones

Binni King

Felizitas Keichl

Susanne Krenkel

Bernhard Krenkel

Rebecca Leando

Peter Leando

Peter Leigh

Steve Livsey

Viv Livsey

Ed Lloyd

Pat Hollaway

Jonathan Lyddon

Susie Lyddon

John Mansell

Lizzie Mansell

Jennifer Marsden

Chris Marsden

Dorcas Martin

Richard Martin

Anne Meelby

Allan Espensen 

Pete Morton

Christina Morton

Claire Nicol

Nick Oliver

Holger Nielsen

Alex Painter

Chris Painter

Keith Parramore

Joan Stephens

Sandra Peddle

Vince Peddle

Nick Pedley

Jill Pellett

Clive Pellett

Charlotte Potter

Jeanette Quartel

Gert Quartel

Rhea Richardson

Jane Roberts

Steve Brimley

Heidi Molvik Rundhovde

Audun Rundhovde

Barry Sanson

Christine Sanson

Rob Sarwark

Anne Smith

Pam Sparsi-Jordan

Marion Spencer

Steve Spencer

Marion Stokes

Carrie Tarplett

Marilyn Taylor

Tony Taylor

Rosemary Thomas

Alan Thomas

Elaine Voge

Dean Voge

Mike Vredegoor

Esther Vredegoor

Hilary Waters

Rod Waters

Gillian Winter

Doug Langmead

Deborah Wolton

Martin Wolton

Thanks to all 'Friends' who renewed their membership for 2023-2024, and welcome to the new members who have joined in the past year.

'Friends' will once again be exclusively invited to smaller events not open to the public, and will always get first option for tickets at larger events.

Membership helps fund visiting international artists to this area.  In past years we have organised visits from the poet Roger McGough, entertainer and musician Neil Innes (very sadly now deceased), writer Michael Morpurgo, Keith Potger of 'The Seekers' and many others.

We organise talks, day trips, exhibitions, film nights, boat trips, wine tastings and treasure hunts.  We put on music events of every genre, including classical, jazz, modal and rock, and regularly feature original music.

We also keep you informed about other organisers' events in the area which we think may be of interest.

So by becoming a member, you are making an invaluable contribution to the provision of cultural events in our locality.

Membership costs €25 a year, with a discount to €15 for those of you who are here for less than six months. All memberships are renewed every October 1st.

Further information is available from

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